Why do I have so many different types of files for my logo?

Published April 19, 2024

OR What file type should I use for my logo?

You should have several versions of your logo. The file that you need to use will depend on how it will be used. Read more below!


Use JPEG files for logos when you need a compressed image format suitable for photographs or complex images. JPEGs are lossy, meaning they sacrifice some quality for smaller file sizes. They’re commonly used for web and digital display.


PNG files are great for logos that require transparency or crisp edges, such as logos with text or simple graphics. They support lossless compression, preserving image quality, and are widely used for web graphics and digital images where transparency is needed.


SVG files are ideal for logos that need to scale without losing quality, such as responsive web designs or high-resolution printing. They are vector-based, meaning they use mathematical equations to define shapes, allowing for infinite scalability without losing sharpness.


PDF files retain high-quality images and support vector graphics, making them suitable for printing at different sizes. PDFs also support multiple pages, making them useful for documents containing logos along with other content.

AI (Adobe Illustrator)

AI files are editable vector files created with Adobe Illustrator. They’re best for logos requiring frequent editing or customization, as they preserve all the design’s layers, shapes, and text. AI files are the preferred format for professional designers and printers because they offer the most flexibility and editing capabilities.

In summary

  • Use JPEG for photographs or complex images.
  • Use PNG for logos with transparency or sharp edges.
  • Use SVG for logos needing scalability without losing quality.
  • Use PDF for printing just the logo in different sizes.
  • Use AI for editable vector designs, particularly in Adobe Illustrator.

Article written by ChatGPT – edited by Kim

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