As the year speeds to its end, we begin to mentally prepare for next year. But don’t forget to take time to assess your personal and professional challenges and accomplishments THIS year. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What have I accomplished this year?

Be specific. Write it all down. Schedule some time to celebrate this!

What have I learned this year?

What skills did you pick up? What emotional lessons?

What got in my way?

This is where your work will be next year. Be honest if it was your own self that got in the way.

Who contributed to my successes?

What can you do to recognize these members of your personal or professional team?

What mistakes did I make, and what did I learn from them?

Writing these down is a good refresher for what not to do next year.

How was my work consistent with my values?

What will you do with the inconsistencies?

Where did I not take responsibility?

Sometimes this is easier to see with a little distance from the actual event.

How did my performance rate?

Give yourself a letter grade or a 1-10 score.

What do I need to let go of?

Doing so can help you move much more lightly into the new year.

What was missing for me this year?

How can you incorporate them into next year?

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