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logos, business cards, postcards, posters, signage, advertisements, brochures, magazine layouts, catalogs, deep breath, employee communication materials, including employee benefit guides



websites, email marketing, content development, social media set-up, social media content creation & social media management



organization, workflow, checklists, file systems, finding the best online tools for you & more

Lesson: MegaBatching with Amy Porterfield

Lesson: MegaBatching with Amy Porterfield

MegaBatching: The Secret Method to a Successful Ideal Week is one of twelve The Achieve™ 2018 Conference sessions. Amy defines megabatching, who should do it, why they should do it, summarizes the seven-step process, and gives three rules to live by.

Tools I use: for Transcription

Tools I use: for Transcription real user review I have been using since October of 2020 - Standard Plan. In today's digital age, advancements in technology have revolutionized the way we work and communicate. One such groundbreaking innovation is, an automatic...

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Kim Conger & Stacey Castle - Graphic Designer Near Me

Kim Conger & Stacey Castle

Kim and Stacey lead the projects around here. They are creators, designers, marketers, artists… oh, and don’t forget- cousins!

Kim Conger dp

Graphic Designer Near Me

Graphic Designer Near Me


here’s what they said…

Karen W.

Employee Benefit Guides & Misc. HR Employee Communications

Kim does amazing work. She makes us look good! She takes our ideas and our words and makes them look top notch! We are the masters of “one more change”….and she does them all expertly, quickly and without complaint!! I highly recommend Kim and Loud Mouse Designs! – Karen Wilkins, Waffle House, Inc.

Catherine P.

Web Design, Business Cards, Social Media Management (SMM)

Great marketing concepts and ideas… takes a load off! You just handle it- thank goodness!
You write a fabulous newsletter that I could and would never complete! Not to mention do all the daunting tasks that I just don’t like to do but they have to get done, and you do them very well.

Alex F.

Graphic Designer Near Me

Graphic Designer Near Me

Web Design, Print, SMM, Systems

Kim patiently wades through what is important and trivial, and then creates an agenda that meets my needs. She communicates her plan to me and is very responsive.