How Well Are You Maintaining Your Personal Brand?

How Well Are You Maintaining Your Personal Brand?

Published October 31, 2022

Developing and managing your personal brand—that which creates a clear and memorable impression about who you are and what you do—is practically a requirement in today’s economy.

Doing so gives you greater control of your career and personal destiny. Take the Self-Quiz below to see if yours needs just a dusting off, or some full-fledged spring-cleaning.

  1. I know what’s important to me, and I can list the values that inform my work and approach.
  2. When colleagues (and those I work with at all levels) think of me, what they think is clear and consistent from person to person.
  3. I know how I create value for my company and/or my clients. They do, too.
  4. My personal “brand message” is targeted and focused.
  5. I put my brand, my unique contribution and/or approach, on everything I do: presentations, reports, meetings, deals, etc.
  6. I look to connect my personal brand to every situation possible (and appropriate).
  7. I consider myself my own CEO and have a vision by which I lead myself.
  8. My emails are consistently opened, read and acted upon.
  9. I focus on growing and nurturing my professional network, both through offline approaches (e.g., associations, speaking, etc.) and online strategies (e.g., LinkedIn, blog/forum participation, etc.).
  10. I look to find what’s distinct about me and what I bring to the table, rather than try to conform to the norm. In essence, I create my own “unique selling proposition” (USP).
  11. I have a personal brand plan, and I execute its strategy and tactics.
  12. I establish appropriate partnerships that will extend my brand and help me get complementary brand value.
  13. I make sure that everything that surrounds my brand (my office, my website, my customer service, etc.) communicates the same brand message.

If you answered true to at least eight statements, you’re well on your way to building a powerful personal brand.

But don’t forget: it’s not only about creating a distinct personality, but also telling the world about it. Don’t hesitate to call if you’d like support shining up your personal brand.

Author’s content used under license, © Claire Communications

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