how we work

last updated: MAY 1, 2023


Your welcome email will include your primary contact’s name and information.

We are firm believers in working with as few distractions as possible. Focus time is scheduled to ensure your project and other clients’ projects are completed in a timely manner. Emails and voicemails are typically checked three times each weekday – in the morning, midday, and afternoon to maximize focus and effectiveness while working.

We are based in the EST time zone. Not all of our clients are in the same time zone, so we do have some scheduling flexibility if you need it.

If it’s an emergency (like your website is down, etc.) please text us at 843.452.6652 with the issue for the quickest response. You may also email us at wo******@lo**************.com – make sure you include a quick summary of the issue – and state that it’s an emergency. We will get back to you as soon as possible – note the times that our emails and voicemails are checked above.

Loud Mouse Designs, LLC.
843.452.6652 (text/call)


Schedule a meeting We like to be as efficient as possible so we can provide the best service possible to our clients. If these time slots aren’t jiving with your schedule, feel free to reach out to your main contact via email and give them a few appointment options, along with the reason for the call. Note: All communication is billable at your current rate unless agreed to in advance.


In order for us to work together with integrity, it’s important for us to agree to hold all of our conversations, financial information (including rates), and in confidence. Details are outlined in our agency agreement.



Full-day and half-day design intensives are structured differently. 50% payment is required to hold the selected date and the remainder is due 48 hours prior to the start time. Pre-intensive and post-intensive calls and follow-up support parameters are specified and included in the Design Intensive fee and contract.

Branding & Website Projects- You will receive a questionnaire via email once we have all signatures on the contract and a deposit has been received. The questionnaire that you receive will be specific to the type of work that we are doing for you and will allow for uploads and questions. These questionnaires are very thorough and will take time to complete. Please give your project the time and care that it deserves and we will too! Reminder emails will be sent to you to help keep the project moving forward.

The best way to supply us information for your project is through the link provided in your questionnaire. This eliminates extra time searching through emails searching for that one bit of information that you ‘are pretty sure’ you provided.

All projects- We will store information on our Google Drive. You will have a link to access these files. It is your responsibility to download the final files – we don’t store your files indefinitely.


A 50% deposit is required of all new clients prior to work beginning. All jobs are invoiced through Quickbooks. Invoices are NET 15 (due within 15 days of invoice date). 

— Late Fees are automatically added by Quickbooks: 2.5% of remaining balance monthly with a 1 day grace period. All payments (including checks) must be received on or before the due date to be considered timely.

— All work is halted for any accounts over 10 business days late.

— Unless agreed to in advance, your website will not go live until the balance for website work is paid in full.


It’s our plan to honor the timeline set out in our contract. However, as also referenced in the contract, we will require certain information and documents from you. Please provide the information on a timely basis so we may meet project deadlines. Other causes for project delay include revisions beyond contracted amount, change in project direction, delay in providing required information, absence of communication, etc. Let’s work together to keep delays to a minimum!

If at any point you decide you need to suspend services, we will review deliverables provided to you and payment received before pausing your contract. If you decide to continue with services after pausing, we cannot guarantee the priority your project will receive.


We can help you best if you are clear regarding your expectations and your timeline.

Be realistic about your time expectations. Please understand that we have multiple client obligations. Your project is very important to us. However, we are sure you do not want us to put your project on hold for another client who didn’t plan well. Please don’t ask us to do the same to someone else.

If you have a question, concern, or issue, please let us know as soon as possible so we can work through it!

Please understand that we may not always be immediately available during traditional business hours. In order to work efficiently, we only check emails and voice messages at the times as mentioned above. If you have a specific need for availability, this needs to be discussed in advance.


Thank you for taking the time to read this full document. It’s a lot, we know… but, through trial and error, we have found that these are the systems that work best in our type of business to keep projects moving forward.

It’s so important to set and manage expectations for each other from the beginning! If you have any questions before or after the contract signing please let us know!