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Published May 30, 2023

How to Create Gmail Templates: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gmail templates can be a powerful tool to save time and streamline email communication, especially when sending repetitive messages or sales letters. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of creating and using Gmail templates. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to enhance your email productivity and efficiency. Let’s get started!

Accessing Gmail Settings

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to
  2. Once you’re logged in, locate the settings gear icon on the top right corner of the Gmail interface.
  3. Click on the gear icon to reveal a dropdown menu.

Enabling Templates

  1. In the dropdown menu, click on “See all settings” to access the Gmail settings page.
  2. Within the settings page, navigate to the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find the option to enable templates.
  4. Ensure that the templates feature is enabled.
  5. Remember to save your changes before proceeding.

Creating a Gmail Template

  1. To compose a new email, click on the “Compose” button in Gmail.
  2. Fill in the recipient’s email address and subject line as usual.
  3. Click on the three dots – expand your window if you don’t see them.
  4. Scroll down to find the “Templates” option
  5. Click on “Templates” to access your saved templates.

Saving a Template

  1. If you haven’t created any templates yet, you can easily create one.
  2. Type out the content of your email, including any common links, texts, or information you want to include in the template.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the content, click on the three-dot menu icon located at the bottom right corner of the compose window.
  4. From the menu that appears, select “Templates” and then choose “Save draft as template.”
  5. You can choose to either overwrite an existing template or save it as a new template by selecting the appropriate option.
  6. Give your template a name and click “Save.”

Using Templates

  1. When composing a new email, click on “Templates” to access your saved templates.
  2. Select the desired template you want to use by clicking on it. The template’s content will be inserted into your email, including any links or text you previously included.
  3. You can combine multiple templates by inserting them one after another.
  4. Customize the rest of the email as needed.
  5. Remember to remove or modify the signature, if necessary, before sending the email.

Creating and utilizing Gmail templates can significantly enhance your email productivity. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can save valuable time when composing repetitive emails or sales letters. Experiment with different templates, customize them to suit your specific needs and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of Gmail templates. Start streamlining your email communication today!


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