Creating a Powerful Freebie to Grow Your Email List

Creating a Powerful Freebie to Grow Your Email List

Published December 14, 2022

One of the most beneficial things you can do to market your business online is to create a free item to entice people to sign up for your email list.

Here’s the idea: you create a bonus item that has high perceived value. You give this item away, but in order to gain access to it, the interested person has to give you his/her email address.

The key to this strategy is to have a strong free item. It can as much as double your email signups. This is vitally important, as you must build a community of people interested in your information to grow your business.

It is a mistake to use your email newsletter as the incentive to provide contact information; newsletters are no longer seen as valuable in themselves.

What are some powerful opt-in freebies?

Special Reports and E-books

Pick a topic and write a special report or e-book around that topic. You can have as little as eight to ten pages of solid content for a special report. An e-book will likely be somewhat longer.

Your free item needs to address the most pressing problem of your target market so you need to know them well. Don’t worry about giving away your best information – there is always more to say about a really hot topic.

Audio Downloads

Audios have even more perceived value than a special report or ebook. Many people prefer to listen rather than to read and consider audios as requiring less effort.

So don’t be afraid to take your writing and turn it into audio. Here are some of the different kinds of audio downloads you can give away:

  • Audio of you talking about a topic
  • An interview with someone else in your industry
  • A sample of an existing product
  • A recording of a seminar, conference call or live event

The most important thing is that people listening to this audio get massive value from the content.

Video Giveaways

Videos are the cream of the freebie crop. They have the highest perceived value and often result in the highest signup rates.

Although videos also take the most effort to create, they can be a great way to go. You will need careful attention to filming, have some video equipment and access to editing software.

If you can do all of these things, video gives you the most direct connection possible with the end viewer. That gives a big benefit to your list building.

Here are some ideas for videos that you can use:

  • Try a face to face introduction or interview.
  • Give a video demonstration of your product or service.
  • Create a slideshow depicting some of the common problems for your target market.

Regardless of the format of your free item, your goal is to help someone solve a problem in your area of expertise.

The reaction you are trying to create is, “Wow, this person really knows what they’re talking about – I want more.”

If you’ve been using the same free item for a while, consider these suggestions and upgrade.

Author’s content used under license, © Claire Communications

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